The Joebotics System

The Joebotics System:

Leveling the Playing Field for STEM Education.

Textbooks alone cannot teach engineering fundamentals! 21st Century Students are enhancing their learning experience by using EdTech products to advance their technological skills for career preparation and advancement, along with enhancing the learning experience. The Joebotics System is at the forefront of the EdTech market with its innovative devices and progressive curriculum that offer Blockly and JavaScript programming and electronics in a single, easy-to-use, and cost-effective platform for students age 10 and up.
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The Joebotics System includes the BadgerBoard, a next-generation instructional electronics breadboard for circuit design and development, and the BadgerBox, a tablet device that allows students of all ages to program their electronics, from simple circuits to Robotics and IOT applications.

Our unique program allows for a hands-on learning experience in electrical engineering and computer programming, and our online platforms provide for instant communication and the of sharing ideas.
We are committed to empowering you and your students in the development of the skill sets of the future.
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  • Introductory curriculum promotes collaborative learning, critical thinking, and STEM skills for the 21st Century student. Joebotics’ Curriculum is presented in three modules, which may be completed in with a quarter or semester of instruction, conducted in 50-minute sessions:
    • Introduction to Electronics
    • Introduction to Computer Programming with Blockly
    • Introduction to Robotics
  • The Joebotics System includes hours of standards-focused curriculum material, created for Joebotics by educators. Standards addressed by this curriculum include College and Career Readiness Standards for Math, Science, Reading and Writing, as well as NSES Content Standards, Standards for Technological Literacy, CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards, ITEA Standards for Technological Literacy, and Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Students can expand their learning outside the structured curriculum, exploring the device as Makers and using their newly acquired skills to invent, create and share their projects.
  • The Joebotics System offers an online community to support teachers’ discussion around the platform and curriculum, allowing educators to easily share lesson plans and activity ideas.
  • The Joebotics System curriculum features planned activities with direction, along with extension activities to support all learners, including English Language Learners (ELL), Special Needs and Gifted students.
  • The Joebotics BadgerBox is a fully-functional Android tablet compatible with Google and Microsoft web applications, making it easy to integrate the device into your school day.
  • The Joebotics System offers self-paced digital Professional Development (PD), supporting efficient onboarding and instruction, and a dedicated Joebotics’ Customer Service team that is available to assist you at your request.

The Joebotics System is a STEM Leveler for Makers Of All Ages!

Special device pricing and curriculum packages are available for Early Adopters and Teachers who are Makers. Contact us to learn more!

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